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Episode 013 - Counterproductive Work Behaviour and Organisation Structure

In this episode, the focus is on organisation structure. In particular, we will be discussing about psychological safety and psycho-social climate (PSC) and their relationship with CWB.

Episode 012 - Counterproductive Work Behaviour : Can we assess them using personality traits?

In this episode, together with James Morley-Kirk, we discuss counterproductive work behaviour and look at whether personality traits can be used to identify this type of behaviour.

Episode 011 - Conversation with James Morley-Kirk, China Select

In this episode, our guest was James Morley-Kirk, a business psychologist from China Select. We spoke about his experience working as a business psychologist in China. He also shared with us a selection and development psychometric tool, TD-12, which he has used successfully in China.

Episode 010 - Systems Thinking and Systemic Leadership

In this podcast, I spoke with Jordin Escartin, Associate Profesor of Organizational Behaviour of the University of Barcelona on systems thinking and systemic leadership.

Episode 009 - Skills to become Psychologically Flexible

In this episode, I introduce 4 skills that you can use to help yourself become psychologically flexible.

Episode 008 - Wellness Coaching

In this episode, I spoke with Dr Clara To, Director and Principal Consultant of Talent Link HK Ltd. She shared with us what wellness coaching is and how this form of coaching is gaining traction in the workplace.

Episode 007 - Six Thinking Traps

In this episode, I will talk about six thinking traps that can affect the way we move towards a meaningful and value-based life. What can we do to help ourselves from falling into these traps?

Episode 006 - The Importance of Written Communication in the Workplace

In this episode, I spoke with Dr Simon Miles, the Founding partner of My Writing Coach. He shared with us why it is important to communicate well through better writing in the workplace.

Episode 005 - What can an individual do when you are being bullied at work?

In this concluding episode on the topic of workplace bullying, I share with you what an individual can do when being bullied at work. I touch on two coping strategies - emotion-focused and problem-focused. I will share with you another strategy based on the six processes from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This strategy focuses on psychological flexibility which helps bullied individuals to get unstuck from their residual psychological negative thoughts and emotions because of their workplace bullying experience.

Episode 004 - What can an organization do to prevent workplace bullying

This episode focuses on what organizations can do to prevent workplace bullying. There are three areas an organization can focus on the prevention of workplace bullying, they are: 1) Workplace bullying policy, 2) Communication, and 3) Training.

Episode 003 - What are the antecedents and causes of workplace bullying?

In this 3rd episode of the series on workplace bullying, I will share with you what are the antecedents and causes of workplace bullying. Researchers believe that both individual and organisational factors are antecedents of workplace bullying. For organisational factors, they include leadership behaviours, work design and compensation practices. For individual factors, personality traits and sexual orientation can lead to individuals being bullied at work.

Episode 002 - Why do I want to talk about workplace bullying?

This episode is part of a series of episodes in which I will be talking about workplace bullying. My interest in this topic is both personal and also academic. I hope by sharing my perspectives in workplace bullying, I can help individuals and organisations to have a frank conversation about this issue.

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