"Being at work should not be viewed as difficult and unpleasant."

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Episode 038 - Self Awareness in Coaching

In this episode, I talked about how coaching can bring out self-awareness. When we see things with different possibilities, we allow ourselves to achieve beyond what w...

Episode 037 - Smells Like Team Spirit

In this episode, I will discuss what a leader needs to do to improve team spirit or morale.  Self-assessment, re-engage, re-align and re-commit.ReferencesIshaq, E., Ba...

Episode 036 - Self-Awareness

In this episode, I discussed self-awareness. We hear this frequently in the workplace, but what should we be mindful of when it comes to self-awareness? I share some s...

Episode 035 - Assumptions

We all assume, and often we take our assumptions as truths. When we do so, we start to overthink and refuse to look at other alternative explanations which are evidenc...

Episode 034 - Productivity at Work Series (How To Deal With Conflicts at Work)

This is the last episode of the Productivity at Work Series. In this episode, I talk about how we can deal with conflicts at work.

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