Episode 019 - Whole person and psychological contract

In this episode, James and I explore how could organizations look at their employees as a whole person and how that can be related to psychological contract.

Some of the references in this episode include:

1) Sheep, M. L. (2006). Nurturing the Whole Person: The Ethics of Workplace Spirituality in a Society of Organizations. Journal of Business Ethics, 66(4), 357–375.

2) "a psychological contract is a belief that an exchange partner is obligated to provide inducements, such as fair compensation, in exchange for one’s own contributions, such as loyalty or high quality work". (Lee, Liu, Rousseau, Hui, & Chen, 2011; Rousseau & McLean Parks, 1993)

3) Henry Ford asked, ‘‘Why is it that I always get the whole person when all I really want is a pair of hands?’’ (Pollard, 1996, p. 25).


Episode 019 - Whole person and psychological contract
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